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Highways from Bangkok to Siracha
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Highway Routes from Bangkok To Siracha

Highways from Bangkok to Siracha

How to get here


Siracha Tour buses to Siracha leave from both New Mo Chit and Ekamai terminals about every half hour from early morning to 20:00.Buses run from Suvarnbhumi Airport 10 times a day, from 06:40 to 18:40. Click here for fares and schedule. Ekamai Bus Ter- minal is very convenient to the BTS Skytrain (Ekamai station). The current (23 November 2007) fares are Mo Chit B97, Ekamai B94 and Suvarnabhumi B86.

If you leave Ekamai before 17.00 (5 pm) you are almost guaranteed to get to Siracha in time for the last boat at 20.00. In Siracha, get off in front of Robinson Department Store, and take a samlor (three-wheel taxi) to the pier for B40--just say "Ko Si Chang".


If you're driving, whether to take the new Motorway (Highway 7) or the Bangna-Trad Expressway depends on which is closer. If you take the Bangna-Trad, go onto the elevated tollway as soon as you can, and stay on it to its end. Then take the Chonburi Bypass, rejoining the Sukhumvit Highway near the Chonburi Makro. Keep on in the direction Bang Saen-Pattaya until you reach Siracha, noticeable by signs for Siracha Samitivej Hospital.

If you want to avoid the traffic on Sukhumvit, follow the signs for Pattaya-Rayong and transfer to Highway 7, making sure to turn west on Highway 3241 at kilometer 20, where you will see a sign for the Siracha Tiger Zoo (not the Khao Khiao Open Zoo or the Butterfly Zoo). To make this right turn, you must either first turn left in the direction of the Tiger Zoo and make a U-turn, or continue about 1 km past the intersection and make a U-turn on Highway 7.

For information on parking and getting the ferry, see Siracha Town map.


There is one train a day at 07.00 from Hua Lamphong Station, which you can also board at Klong Tan, a bit more convenient if you're staying in outer Sukhumvit. It costs some B24 and takes about three hours, wending its leisurely way through a lot of still appealingly rural countryside. At the Siracha station you can get a samlor to the pier for B60 or B70. Call 02 220 4567 for the Royal State Railways' information service; you can check schedules and buy a ticket for any trip in Thailand using the computer system available at every railway station.