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Great Celebration!
Friday 19 & Saturday 20 September

On the 161st anniversary of the birth of Ko Sichang's great patron King Chulalongkorn, islanders celebrate their history & traditions with music, light & sound, a beauty contest, The Whole Nine Yards! For two evenings, the site of King Chulalongkorn's Juthadhut Palace becomes fairground and and fancy dress party as islanders compete selling home-made treats & dressing in old-time costumes. It's a genuine local tradition, not arranged for tourists, but we'll be delighted to havee you come join the fun. [more info...]

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The real Thailand is still here, and closer than you think... Here you can talk to friendly natives, swim in clean water, breathe fresh air, sunbathe in a truly quiet cove and eat superlative seafood, far from the tourist herds: Ko Sichang.
You'd never think you were only 100 km from Bangkok, yet you can be on the ferry to this magic island just two hours after you clear Customs. Less than an hour from Pattaya. Beautiful beaches, great snorkeling and biking in spectacular scenery, temples and palace ruins--it's all here. Plus living traditions in a traffic-free way of life whose roots in the past are still deep. Fish, rent a kayak, meditate or learn massage. Enjoy a superb steak with a bottle of fine wine at yesterday's prices. All you have to do is look...

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