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Come Join Our Olden Days
Celebration 19 & 20 September!

Nothing's more fun than a real Thai village celebration, and not many village celebrations are as much fun as the Retro Fair (ngaan yohn yuk) on Ko Sichang. Honoring King Chulalongkorn (Rama V) who brought the island fame and prosperity when he ordered the building of Phra Judadhut Palace (worth visiting any time, though the main building was moved to Bangkok and rechristened Vimanmek Palace some 110 years ago), we celebrate the date of his birth, while the rest of the country memorializes the anniversary of his death on 23 October.

The fair includes shows (the traditional likay play over on the right, beauty pageants, a dramatic light-and-sound show of the island's history, tons of food booths, and all sorts of fun. Don't miss it!