Too often the pace of modern life means never being really comfortableówe get used to a small ache here, a little tightness there, and hardly notice that we don't feel right. But when the body doesn't get complete relaxation, the mind is held down, too, and life is not quite what it should be.

At Sichang Healing House, Khun Oppawan has combined the secrets of ancient Thai healing arts with the principles of modern medicine to provide a painless, soothing and effective escape from tensed muscles and the discomfort they bring. Many clients fall asleep as we massage them... and wake feeling a joyful new lightness of body and freedom of movement.

Royal Thai massage 500 Baht (90 minutes)
Head-to-toe comfort, tension and stress soothed away effortlessly
Back massage400 Baht (60 minutes)
Back massage ( with Aromatic oil )500 Baht (40 minutes)
Shoulder+Neck+Cranial massage 300 Baht (30 minutes)
Foot Reflexology 400 Baht (60 minutes)
Massage&Hot Herbal compress 600 Baht (90 minutes)
Hot Herbal compress600 Baht (60 minutes)
Aromatherapy massage 800 Baht (90 minutes)
We can also provide appropriate therapeutic massage for many problems your physician may have diagnosed.

How may we help you feel your best today?