There's so much to see on Ko-Sichang that we're still discovering new attractions after twenty years of visits and five years of living here.

There's hardly a corner of the island where you won't find something worth looking at. Below we list the most popular targets, plus a couple that are often overlooke, but shouldn't be. Samlors will take you to most of these on the standard tour of the island. Make sure to allow plenty of time--just tell the driver how long you want to wait, and it's her/his call whether to wait, or go off and come back.

Rama V Palace
Chinese Temple
Wat Tham Yaai Prik
Yellow Buddha
Buddha's Footprint
Old Town

Don't forget to pick up a copy of our Island Welcome brochure for a map, or download the Adobe Acrobat .pdf map from the site.


Rama V (King Chulalongkorn's) Palace

Rama V Palace

Built starting about 1890, the Judhadhut Palace was abandoned shortly after hostilities with France in 1893 showed how vulnerable it was to a modern navy. The main building was taken to Bangkok, where it is now famous as Vimarn Mek palace.

Several of the remaining structures have been restored. A walk through the gardens and up the hill under century-old frangipani trees can be a delightful way to spend an hour or two, especially in the late afternoon. For the determined explorer, there are hard-to-find staircases down to the see, a couple of caves with almost-safe staircases leading down into the darkness, a rock that rings like a bell when you hit it, and the architecturally unique Asdangkhanimit temple (conical white structure up on the hill).