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The most obvious active pastime on Ko-Sichang is swimming. The water quality does vary, but it's ususally a lot clearer and cleaner than on the mainland beaches in the northern Gulf of Siam. Waves are very seldome high enough to discourage anybody who can actually swim. Jetskis, parasailers, speedboats and other motorized irritants are rare--on the outer islands, just about unheard-of..

There are also no lifeguards, and no beaches where even partial nudity is a matter of course. The local womenfolk most often swim in shorts and t-shirts plus standard underwear. Visitors who go topless WILL attract attention, and the only places where total nudity has any hope of privacy are the outer islands, to which you'll have to hire a boat.

There's more to do outdoors on this island than we can fit into the site–but try pointing to some of the choices below to get an idea of the variety available